Français-> is your one stop zone for controlling inbound Emails entering your Corporate or Private network.

The technology controls provided, use the highest technology Barracuda Networks Firewall series, to insure that all mail reaching you is free from all forms of common annoyances including;


Our technology is entirely remote and requires no modifications to your existing Email services with the exception of a simple, one-time, and reversible at any time, DNS record redirection. It is compatible with all email servers and can fit into nearly any corporate or small business environment that owns its own domain name(s)


The net result for your Corporate and Private networks is a marked reduction in wasted resources and loss of employee productivity to handle these, ever evolving and sophisticated, forms of Email based attacks. Our rates, per domain or per server, are among the lowest available for such services.


Mail is processed by our services and forwarded to your Email in under 1 second. A private switched fiber-optic based network ensures the highest performance at all times.


Hourly updates for all types of attacks and newly discovered threats from a community of servers and services across the world. Checksum technology, fingerprint analysis, Bayesian and other algorithms including deep content analysis are used to enhance recognition of unwanted mail and provide nearly zero false positives.


Our services provide automatic backup and forwarding for your Emails should your Mail servers be unavailable for any period of time. Recent Emails that may have been lost for any reason can be reclaimed at any time by our services. The Barracuda Spam Firewall also provides optional quarantine mail boxes for users.


Pay as you go monthly rates and discounted yearly rates. No contracts. Upgrade your service at any time without penalties. Choose per domain and fixed quantity of users, group of domains with maximum quantity of users or the ultimate, per server (multiple domains/large user database) rates.


Although serves its customers in English and French currently, the Barracuda Spam Firewall can detect and block spam in more than ten languages and features a user interface available in Chinese (simplified and traditional), German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch and English. These extra language options (other than English or French) are only available to dedicated, self-managed, server customers.


Choose your preferred method of hosted services from our Services listing. Private or Shared offerings allow you to fine-tune your security and budget concerns at the same time. Solutions from 10 users to 30,000 users on single servers. Multiple Barracuda Firewall servers can be clustered together for even greater capacity and high availability.


Optional reporting is offered allowing you to see the disposition of each and every email that is processed by Complete (hourly, daily, monthly and longer) graphic reports of all Emails sent to your domain and individual users. Track external and internal Email use and abuse easily. Discover the true image of your Email profile.

Secure owns and manages its own Data Centre with extensive automated security, private fiber-optic nodes and computerized in-line data security gateways.


Optional services include complete mail hosting services, and soon to come, outbound protection/reporting & new enhanced security technology options

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